The company BAT NÁŘADÍ s.r.o. originated in 1991 when it was registered as an individual MICHAL BUDKA - BAT and it has been registered in the Trade Register as BAT NÁŘADÍ s.r.o. since 2000.

BAT NÁŘADÍ produces, imports, exports, and distributes top quality building tools for bricklayers, tilers, plasterboarders and other building professions.

We produce about 200 types of hand tools and the remaining products are imported from more than a hundred of domestic or foreign suppliers. We represent, among others, the company Kaufmann GmbH and the european group of building tool producers Bauteam. We bring new products with top functionality and quality for reasonable price every year. We believe that you will be satisfied with our tools and that you will consult eventual inadequacies with us.

The BAT NÁŘADÍ s.r.o. team is looking forward to working with you.